Patio cleaning

bury,bolton & Rochdale

At Pressures-On we specialise in restoring many types of Patio

Natural Stone

Natural Stone Patio


Porcelain Patio

Crazy Paving

Crazy Paving Patio


Pavers Patio

what we offer

Weed Removal

Weeds in Patio, Driveways

During the cleaning process, weeds, moss and sand are blasted out from between the cracks

Lichen Removal

Lichen on Driveway & Patio

Lichens are a fungus/alga, they appear as black and white spots that can be seen on surfaces. Chemicals are used to treat the affected areas.


Re-sanding with Kiln Dried Sand

After the cleaning process, kiln Dried Sand is required to be brushed in to stabilise the block paving

Pressure Washing Equipment

How We Clean

We use a professional van mounted Hot Water, Petrol & Diesel driven system, capable of delivering 150°C of heat and 250 bar of pressure. Enabling far superior results, in a fraction of the time a domestic pressure washer could.

Care is taken when using this equipment, as surfaces can easily be damaged by using too much Pressure, Heat or Chemicals

before & after