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150 square meters of Flags

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Heavy Blackspot/Lichens over most of the front and driveway, it took two softwashes to remove them. Gave the walls a quick wash for free. Customers children walked mud over the patio before I could take After pictures :*(

Block Paving with a lot of weeds

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The Turbo Nozzle made light work of all the weeds in this block paving. The drain from the driveway was moving very slowly, a quick blast with the pressure washer got things flowing again.

SUD's Paving & Small Patio

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With SUD’s paving the surface water drains through the gaps in the bricks and into the sub surface. Grit is used in place of Kiln Dried Sand to allow for the drainage. Quite a difficult one this as the patio was only accessible through the home, drop sheets were used to protect the customers flooring from the pressure hoses.